Why go to Counselling?

Life can be a unique and challenging experience. Much of the time we are able to deal with the everyday issues that arise however sometimes life challenges us in unexpected ways. If you are having difficulty dealing with certain situations or emotions, counselling provides an opportunity for you to discuss your concerns in a confidential and safe environment.

Who goes to Counselling?

People talk with counsellors for many different reasons.  Some individuals may simply want to talk through a challenging decision or talk about a difficult experience. Others seek help for issues that they have been struggling with for a long time or that create a lot of distress in their lives.

What is the goal of Counselling?

By talking through your concerns with a counsellor you will deepen your understanding of what is happening and develop alternate ways of dealing with the situation. Our goal in therapy is to uncover your unique and innate abilities to successfully manage your emotions, relationships and problems.

How long will Counselling last?

The number of sessions will vary depending upon each individual’s needs. For some people, a few sessions are sufficient, while others may choose to come more often. The length of therapy depends on what you are looking for from therapy and the types of challenges you bring to it.

Each client retains complete control of the therapy process and has the right to discontinue treatment at any time. I will encourage you to discuss any concerns that you have about your progress or therapy with me.